Cocktail wedding receptions as a new way of organizing weddings are continuing to rise in their popularity and there are many good reasons for that.

More Flexibility and Opportunities To Be Creative

Cocktail wedding receptions offer you greater flexibility than traditional ways of organizing weddings. With cocktail style wedding receptions, tables and chairs for all guests are not a necessity. They are not essential for all the guests which is excellent if you are planning to invite more people to your wedding. However, it is important to have a few tables and some kind of seating around for those guests who might want to sit and relax. Besides this, cocktail wedding receptions give you more opportunities to express your creativity. You can use your imagination to mix and match different styles of furniture and other details and decorate the space according to your lifestyle.

More Opportunities To Mingle

Traditional ways of organizing weddings involve a lot of mess with making groupings. You have to think and carefully plan where you will seat all of your guests and next to whom, and this offers the bride and groom fewer opportunities to work their way around and visit all of their guests. Cocktail wedding receptions, on the other hand, allow you to skip this tedious step. They allow you to incorporate high-top tables and lounge seating so your guests can go around, mix and mingle in the way they wish, and it will be easier for you to visit and spend some time with all your guests.

Cocktail Wedding Receptions Are More Budget-Friendly

Although the price of the catering at your wedding may vary depending on the type of wedding venue you choose and the types and quality of food you select, cocktail wedding receptions usually turn out to be far more budget-friendly than traditional sit-down weddings. You will not need so many items for decoration as there will not be many objects that require decoration such as tables, chairs, etc. so you will save some money on this as well.

Greater Menu Variety

With traditional ways of organizing weddings, there is always a big concern about the food that will be served. Cocktail wedding receptions eliminate such problems. You will not have to worry whether your guests will like the options you have chosen for dinner and whether they are allergic to some types of food or not. Cocktail wedding receptions allow you to incorporate as many different appetizers as you like and a much larger variety of food so that everyone will certainly find something that will be in accordance with their taste.

More Time To Celebrate

Cocktail wedding receptions take up less time you will have a quick dinner service. This means that there will not be individual plated dinner served to every your guest individually which leaves more time for the party. You can spend the rest of your night dancing and celebrating your special day.

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There are several instances under which you may not get income support or the package you get could be changed. It serves to help maintain the dignity of those who are earning very low incomes or not earning at all so that they are able to get along well and enjoy a humane life with all the necessary amenities and requirements.

When might you not qualify?

You might not qualify if you are under immigration control for example if you need permission to enter the UK or you have temporary visa. The other reason why you might not qualify is if you have savings above £16,000. That means you can be quite stable. If you are under 16 years and being looked after you do not qualify unless you are a lone parent. If you get Jobseekers or employment support allowances you will also not qualify for the same. Also you get it if you are receiving the universal credit. The universal credit is also applied for if you don’t have work or are on low income.

What limits how much you get?

What you get is limited by the benefit cap. The cap may not affect individual benefits but will affect the total amount on all the benefits. This is for people aged from 16 to 64 years. The total you are going to get on all the benefits will not exceed the cap amount that is allowed. The cap amount depends largely on where you live in the UK.

Does a home address affect your eligibility?

No. you will enjoy the benefits of income support even if you do not have a permanent address. This is for people who live in hostels or even the homeless. People in the care homes are also able to apply and enjoy the benefits.

When is the amount you receive affected?

The amount you receive can be changed when your situations change. For instance, if you were receiving this when in education and you get employment then you might not be eligible to continue getting the same or the amount you get may change depending on what you are earning now. The changes if any should therefore be communicated to the Job centre Plus. Other changes like address, savings, and number of people in the household should be communicated also. Failure to communicate to the centre may be interpreted as benefit fraud. If this happens your benefits may stop entirely as you are being investigated. The investigations are carried out by fraud investigation officers who will gather information about your case and decide on what action to take. You could be asked to pay a penalty if found guilty at the same time you could be asked to pay back for the overpaid benefits. There are benefits however which cannot be reduced or stopped.


Moving to a new house can be a very expensive affair. There are so many costs which are involved and when they add up, it can turn out quite expensive for anyone who intends to shift to a new house. However, there are a number of ways that one can save money whenever they are shifting. One way to do this is by thoroughly planning for this move. It should be done in advance in order to ensure you have all the time to prepare. Many people panic and tense a lot during the moving period due to many uncertainties that may arise during the process. Good organization is the secret weapon to a stress free move.

right-removalist-serviceChoosing the right removalist company

There are many removalist companies in the market right now. It is always advisable for you to do your homework in advance. This will ensure that you secure the right agency which will facilitate the process smoothly. Each one of these companies will come at different costs and thus you will need to do a good comparison. A professional company will have a good truck and other necessary equipment. Also, they should have enough experience by knowing what item to pack where and the best way that each item can be moved. This will also guarantee you a safe move where your items will be safe.

Check what you really need

The less items you have while moving, the less it will cost you. If there is an item which you haven’t used for the last one year, then chances are that you may not be needing it at all. Get rid of all these items that you may not really need in your new home. When you reduce the clutter, then your chosen removalist agency will charge you less than when all these items would have been there. You can donate these items to charity or you can sell them on eBay. The best move would be to start selling these items eight weeks before the moving time.

pack-itemsPack your items before

You can save a lot of money from your moving company by packing items yourself. You should pack these items in a box which will also make it easier to move them. When the time comes, it will be much easier moving your items and packing them in the truck. It will also make them safe from breakage. You can also make your work easier by naming all the boxes with names of the items in them. This will save you time and money while you unpack your items.

Visit the box shop

There are times when one may be tempted to use small boxes while they are moving. There are others who will get these boxes from the local shopping centre but all of this is a false economy. You will need to look for quality packing materials to ensure your goods are safe in transit. You can check if your chosen company sell used boxes which you can use to pack your items.