A grill cover is supposed to last extreme outdoor conditions. Since covers are intended to shield the appliance from damages, it’s imperative to look for the most durable material possible. Although there are very affordable options, you should always prioritize quality above all. With that, the best grill cover material should be a major purchasing factor.

The material of the grill cover shouldn’t just wick moisture and sunlight. It should also be effective in dodging dust and mildew buildup. Most of all, it should last for years. So for a quick guide, here are the most common grill cover materials and its characteristics.

  1.    Polyester

As one of the most common material, polyester is typically cheaper than most fabric here. It doesn’t absorb dirt and it has a mild water-resistant nature. If sealed with a special coating, this can be water-proof to some extent.

Polyester is durable and not prone to puncturing or tearing. As for cleaning, it only requires regular wipes or easy washing. It doesn’t wrinkle and some pieces can be tossed to the washing machine. Polyester has a weighted feel that adds more hold on the appliance.

  1.    Vinyl

If you’re looking for a highly waterproof material, vinyl is the way to go. This can protect the grill from heavy rains and snow. Vinyl also has the reputation for being durable under intense condition. Given that you purchase a thick and quality piece, expect that it will last for years.

A quality vinyl cover shouldn’t rip even during strong winds. It should also be effortless to clean with water and mild soap.  You can get all of these at a cheaper price than polyester. However, vinyl is prone to fading.

  1.    Canvas

For a weatherproof choice, nothing beats canvas covers. Canvas is the same material used on awnings and tents, so it shouldn’t be a surprise why this is the most durable option. This is thicker and way durable than polyester. However, the canvas can be too heavy at times. If you want, you can look for a thinner version but with the same characteristics. It might be a bit expensive, though.

The good thing about canvas is it’s an all-around cover. It can hold pretty well during all seasons without sustaining serious damages.

  1.    Plastic

Plastic is probably the least durable cover option. However, this offers the best waterproof features but without control over moisture buildup inside the appliance. Plastic is also cheaper and easy to find. Still, it only suits use during rainy days and it doesn’t have any sunlight dodging benefits. Also, plastic only lasts for a limited time. It will soon tear and crumble if exposed to extreme environments for long periods.

Overall, the best grill cover material depends on the environment where you’re going to use the drape. If it’s for all seasons, the canvas is the best bet. On the other hand, vinyl and polyester can be used against light rains and intense sunlight.